Outfits Inspired by Fall Events

With the arrival of football season, the dropping of temperatures, and the return of school, there is no denying that autumn is upon us once again. While most days are still pretty steamy, you will probably feel the need to transition some of your summer pieces. Mornings and evenings are typically cooler, so you need to dress accordingly.

I love autumn because there are so many activities to do. From football to school to raking leaves and picking apples, there isn't a shortage of things to keep you occupied and entertained. No matter what your plans are for this autumn season, here are some outfits inspired by some common fall activities.




This outfit is perfect for chilly evenings spent cheering on your favorite team. The off white shirt is an excellent basic piece that will keep you warm and set the foundation for your entire outfit. The cardigan is bold and perfect for layering. The statement necklace draws attention to your neck and collarbone, drawing the eye upward. Then you have jeans to keep your legs from getting cold, boots to protect your feet, a backpack to haul your stuff around, and earrings to pull the whole outfit together. Armed with these clothes, you can do your part to lead your team to victory.


Whether you're in high school, college, or taking graduate classes, this outfit is ideal for going back to school. The sweatshirt, jeans, and scarf will keep you warm in the hallways and air-conditioned classrooms. These sneakers are comfortable and stylish. Tie the outfit together with some hoop earrings and bangle bracelets, and you'll be dressed for success no matter what class you're taking.

Raking Leaves/Picking Apples


One of my favorite things to do in the autumn is picking apples. Anoter activity that I don't necessarily enjoy but have to do anyway is raking leaves. Whichever thing you're doing, this outfit is perfect for either occasion. Layering leggings under shorts is comfortable and stylish. The boots will keep your feet warm and supported. The sweater is cozy without being too hot. And the printed leggings are going to be popular this fall.

There are so many things to do in the autumn. You can attend football games, go to classes, pick apples, and rake leaves--and those are only a few activities. These ensembles should suit your every need without impairing your sense of style. Try these ideas on for size and see what compliments you get!

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